Halo Ring Obsessions – Finding the Perfect Halo Setting


In search of the perfect halo ring

The halo ring stands apart from so many alternative diamond engagement rings. For many reasons, the single halo and double halo setting provide a unique opportunity to tailor a ring to your exact tastes.

Halo rings first appeared in the 1920’s. For this reason, many jewellers feature this style within vintage ring designs inspired by antique jewellery styles.

The incredible ‘Eclipse’ halo engagement ring featuring a cushion-cut diamond. 

But first, what is a halo ring?

Halo rings feature a frame of diamonds around a central gemstone. Halo styles enhance the size of a setting.

The option to add a precious or semi-precious gemstone gives buyers a huge choice when it comes to the cost of their engagement ring.

Variations range from all-diamond halo rings in both round and fancy shapes, to double halo engagement rings.

two bespoke halo engagement rings

Two bespoke halo ring designs handcrafted for clients at Serendipity Diamonds 

How much is a halo ring?

The cost of a halo ring depends on the size and materials selected. Some buyers choose high-quality diamonds. In contrast, other buyers opt for diamond alternatives such as Moissanite. Or, even a black diamond at the centre for added contrast.

For your precious metal, we suggest either Platinum or 18 carat Gold. Both options give greater durability—more suited to diamond settings.

Expect to pay from £1500 for a decent quality halo ring made from 950 Platinum set with natural diamonds.

Wedding-ring-friendly halo styles

When you buy a halo ring design, we recommend wedding-ring-friendly designs. Some jewellers refer to this as Wedfit. Some halo engagement rings feature a raised setting suitable for a straight wedding ring. Other styles demand a specially shaped band to fit around the halo. Feel welcome to contact us for style suggestions and wedding-ring-friendly ring designs.

In the following video, we show the specially fitted wedding ring made at the same time as the halo ring itself. (Approx. 25 seconds into video) 

Can you add a halo to an existing ring?

One of the questions we discussed previously explained how clients can add a halo to their existing ring. Read more on how to turn your existing solitaire ring into a halo ring design.

How easy is it to custom make a halo ring?

Through a process, we call ‘bespoke design,’ clients enjoy the luxury of a specially designed ring. We work with our clients through several steps including discussion, CAD design, creation of a physical model through to the final ring. Contact us for more information and view some of the many bespoke designs created at Serendipity Diamonds.

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