Mens Engagement Rings – A Guide to Diamond Rings for Men


A selection of mens engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds which make perfect designs. In this blog we will look at details to consider when purchasing a mens engagement ring; For example the width of the band, the metal, the style, and the fingersize. 

Men’s Diamond Engagement Rings 



Men’s’ diamond engagement rings have grown more and more popular. Our full range includes different widths and alternative diamond shapes. Usually, on a wider band, the diamonds are flush set onto the band itself. 

The main benefit to this is the durability for the diamonds themselves – No need to worry about claws catching! These styles are mainly set with GVS quality diamonds, to sparkle with brilliant whiteness. However, we can also supply higher-quality options upon request, including the opportunity to incorporate a gemstone. View the range On our website.

Which metal should I go for? 

We get asked this question daily, for both men’s rings and ladies rings. In conclusion, we always recommend going for 950 Platinum for your special item of jewellery. 950 Platinum is the most durable option to last a lifetime. Although not as brilliantly white compared to 18ct or 9ct Gold it will keep its colour over time. Read more on the pros to Platinum Here.


Why choose Titanium or Zirconium? 

One of our most unique and ever-growing popular ring range is our Titanium and Zirconium pieces. 

mens engagement rings wood inlaid


A unique option for Men’s engagement rings is our wood inlaid range. With a wide variety of coloured wood inlays in several styles. Choose from a carefully considered collection of wood types, including Bocote and Ziricote. All designs are beautifully finished and sealed to reveal the natural grain of the wooden inlay – In other words, perfect for the nature lovers. 

The inlaid wood is finished within a Titanium band – Titanium itself, however, is unable to be resized. Which is why the size needs to spot on! To do this, we have a range of sizes that can be ordered and delivered to your home to try. View our page Mens trial ring sizers.

Which width should I go for? 

mens engagement rings widths


Commonly, for mens engagement rings or wedding rings a 4mm wide band upwards is suggested. Men with slimmer fingers tend to go on the smaller width side of 4mm. However, the most popular width we see for men is 5mm / 6mm for men with average finger sizes. Read our page Band Widths.

Mens engagement rings with a personal touch. 

Adding a very personal detail to a mens engagement ring such as engraving creates an extra exceptional detail. Most importantly, at Serendipity Diamonds, we have so many ideas for you to make a personalised engagement ring. These include Firstly Fingerprint engraving, a video below features how this is done, Secondly, Heartbeat engraving, thirdly Voice engraving. More suggestions include Engraving your handwriting, Lyrics to a particular song and many more.  

View our video on how we craft your fingerprint engraved band: 

Bespoke mens engagement rings 

We have crafted many Bespoke designs in the past. In this section we have included below are some examples of Bespoke mens engagement rings. Examples include gemstones, diamonds, and wider bands. In conclusion, we can create any design of your dreams. 

Bespoke Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Mens engagement rings


Created for a returning client. Is this incredible ring design boasting a natural Princess cut green Sapphire. The design features a full channel of small round brilliant cut diamonds encircling the band.  

Bespoke Snare Drum Design

Snare drum mens engagement rings


Bespoke men’s snare drum design. Example of a detailed CAD image

Our Bespoke team can craft any design you can set your mind on! For example, this was our Bespoke snare drum style. Created for clients in the US, we set Amethyst and sapphire into the piece, including detailed engraving. Once a CAD image is sent for approval or any changes the design itself doesn’t begin being crafted until after that. 


10mm Wide Engagement Ring

For anyone looking for a wider band, we craft any design width you wish. For example, the below image was created as 10mm wide. In addition to the width, the band has been flush set with diamonds. 

10mm mens engagement rings

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