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Hallmarking has been making the news and we just wanted to clarify all the queries related to hallmarking and how it affects a customer as well as the manufacturer. As o 2021, The Government of India has made hallmarking of gold jewellery mandatory.

What is hallmark gold?

Hallmarking is the process of checking and certifying gold coins and jewellery. In India, hallmarking is controlled by the Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS). The BIS hallmark ensures that you get what you paid for as well as ensures the authenticity of the manufacturer as well. BIS Hallmark is done only on 22K, 18K and 14K gold respectively.

What is KDM gold?

KDM or Cadmium soldered jewellery was the one with 92% gold and 8% Cadmium. It was used in the past but now has been banned by BIS because it caused health issues for the artisans and craftsmen.

How to identify hallmark gold jewellery/How to check bis hallmark on gold?

The BIS Hallmark is engraved on the jewellery. It comprises four things – the BIS logo, purity, assay centre and Jeweller identification mark. The BIS logo is a triangular logo. The purity is written as 916 (22K), 750(18K) and 583(14K). Assay centre is the agency through which the Hallmarking is done. Jeweller identification mark is CND for Candere.

Is hallmark gold 24K?

Yes, hallmarked gold can be 24K for gold coins and bars in 999 purity.

However, make sure that you never purchase a diamond or gold jewellery in 24K. 24K gold is very soft and its shape can be changed with your hands. So it is mixed with alloys to make it strong and durable for making jewellery.

24K hallmark gold price today

The gold price keeps getting updated every day. Just Ask Alia.

What is hallmark gold in Hindi?

Check out this video to get an idea about hallmark gold in Hindi.



Where to buy hallmark gold?

You can buy hallmark gold at Candere. All jewellery sold at Candere is BIS hallmarked while diamond and gemstone jewellery is additionally certified by international laboratories like IGI, GIA, CGL, etc. 

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