“Dare to be Different” Engagement Rings with Unique Ring Designs


Most Unique engagement ring designs for anyone who dares to be a little different

In this blog, we have selected unique designs that are all that we would describe as ‘dare to be different’ engagement rings. Each design has a unique and eye-catching style. From a beautiful cluster to a mirrored two stone heart shape design. We highly recommend each of the following designs. As accomplished, highly unusual and well-balanced styles.

Flow Engagement Ring

Firstly our effortless Unique two stone design. R2D003 has a beautifully minimal feel to the ring. We highly recommend the 0.60cts version which holds two round brilliant cut diamonds. One being 4.5mm diameter, and the other 4.0mm in diameter. The diamonds graduate in size. This beautiful simplistic design that has a very contemporary feel to the unique piece. The diamonds themselves are held within a partial claw, and partial bezel setting and the band itself is undoubtedly substantial. Learn more.

Unity Engagement Ring  

Secondly, this popular unique ring design is our Unity engagement ring. Tensioned between each side of the setting. The Diamond is open to the passage of light – as a result revealing brilliance and scintillation. Embraced by elegantly contoured shoulders, the Diamond rests above a comfortable court shaped band.

In addition, this unique engagement ring works perfectly with a complemented  Bespoke shaped wedding ring. Creating two very unusually unique pieces. 

Tickled Pink Engagement Ring 

Who doesn’t love pink? 

This unique engagement ring features a central 5mm Pink Sapphire. Secured by a classic six claw style. With two white diamonds set either side of the stunning Pink Sapphire. 

As shown here, we have crafted a Bespoke ring guard. Which perfectly matches with the Tickled Pink Engagement ring. Styled with a channel of brilliant white diamonds to make the design pop. 


Unique Tickled Pink engagement ring

Bespoke Design

Most importantly, with detailed CAD available at Serendipity Diamonds, any Unique design you can dream of can then be bought to life. Started by a simple sketch along with detailed correspondence to ensure everything is perfect.

With initial CAD images to approve, watch your perfect ring design become a reality. 

Just one of our many examples of Unique bespoke design is the Kraken. 

Unique Kraken bespoke engagement ring


Crafted for local Isle of Wight clients, we communicated daily to ensure all details were perfect. With improvements and adjustments being made. Once perfect this very special engagement ring design was then crafted in 950 Platinum. 

Heart Shape Bespoke Ring design

Unique Sapphire Heart Shape Bespoke engagement ring

A truly unique creation made as part of our bespoke design service. Our client from the US requested a combination of Amethyst, Blue Sapphire and Diamond. As a result, we designed an incredible Platinum engagement ring, combining all three gemstones.

Unique engagement ring

This engagement ring features a Green pear-shaped sapphire. Weighing 1.60cts and measuring 9.09 x 5.70 x 3.90mm. We perfectly matched two brilliant white F colour Marquise diamonds for this engagement ring design. Crafted in 950 Platinum, our Design team also crafted a matching split wedding ring.


Bespoke Engagement ring crafted with a diamond and blue sapphires

Contrasting beautifully with a centre 0.30ct G colour round brilliant diamond six 2mm Blue sapphires were matched to this incredible Bespoke engagement ring.

Images below from our original blog post in 2012 about Unique engagement ring 

Unusual Two Stone Platinum Engagement Ring

Laurel Precious Platinum Engagement Ring Set

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