5+ Ways To Propose A Girl At Home


Getting a chance to spend Valentine’s day with your special girl is a blessing in itself. Surviving all these years as well as 2020 calls for a special celebration and we urge you to spend it at home. Women love actions that speak louder than words and we have come up with a bunch of different ways to propose a girl. You can go ahead and pick the best way to propose to a girl and let us know in the comments how it worked out for you.

How To Propose A Girl At Home

Make a Video

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Video is one of the most common ways to propose to a girl. You don’t need to hire a video editor to get your job done; there are numerous ways to create one on your own via free apps. For starters, you can create a simple collage of your memories and add the song that suits your relationship. (Hint: Memories by Maroon 5) 

While she’s engrossed in the video, set the mood for proposing to her.

Balcony/Terrace Dinner

How to propose a girl at home - balcony or terrace dinner

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Have a terrace or a balcony at your disposal? Think no more, we’ve got you covered. Decorate it with fairy lights and set up a small spot to spend your Sunday. Grab her favourite wine, her choice of food and a board game – evening set. 

You can also design an invitation card and ask her to meet you at 8PM. Get down on your knees and pop the question – Will you marry me?

Candlelight Dinner

How to propose a girl at home - candlelight dinner

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The old school candlelight dinner is still one of the best ways to purpose her. Decorate your dinner table with candles, make (order) her favourite pizza and slip the engagement ring in her champagne. Yeah, it does sound cheesy, but what’s the harm in doing a cheesy proposal.

Movie Marathon

How to propose a girl at home - movie marathon

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It’s easy proposing to a movie buff. Do a quick movie marathon in the evening of her favourite romantic movies and pop the question in the end. An evening dedicated to her all-time favourite movies and an engagement ring… that’s difficult to beat!

Spa At Home

How to propose a girl at home - spa at home

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The pandemic is still out there and she’s probably missing her pampering sessions at home. Lookup a YouTube tutorial on how to give a mani-pedi at home and get her a spa experience at home. You can also top it off with a foot massage. Once she’s admiring her newly manicured hands, pop the question.

Just a heads up, get ready to click hundreds of pictures of her engagement rings.

Photo Shoot

How to propose a girl at home - photoshoot

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Tell her – Let’s get dressed and click some photos.

We bet she can never even imagine what you’re up to. Set up a canopy in your apartment and get a stand for your camera. Put on her favourite tux of yours and propose to her right in the middle of the shoot. She will not only have a ring but also pictures worth a thousand words.

Pamper Her

How to propose a girl at home - gift card

Gifts become a memento of a special moment. You might have forgotten this day just like any other day like birthday, anniversaries, etc. but she still loves you in spite of your forgetful mind. Let’s surprise her, shall we? Buy a gift card from Candere and she can get jewellery as per her preference anytime soon. Now, who’s the best boyfriend ever?

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