Top Solitaire Rings of 2020


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we can see many queries about solitaire rings pop up. In order to make your solitaire ring purchase simples, we’ve picked up some of the most loved solitaire rings of 2020. Please keep reading to know more about them and what makes it special.

Waves Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Waves is hands down the most loved solitaire ring at Candere. With an impressive rating of 5 Stars, this ring has been sold more than forty times last year. This is the perfect daily wear jewellery that goes with your office look. You can also adorn this sparkling piece for a casual outing as well as a date. Being one of the most sold designs, this design is available at a steal deal price for limited period. Hurry!

Waves Diamond Stackable Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring is similar to the last one except for a dainty ring added as a stack. With a slight price increase, the other ring takes the overall look and feels to another level. This pair is undoubtedly the one you should pick to propose to your someone special on Valentines Day. Customize your piece in yellow gold or white gold and engrave something for her inside the shank for no additional cost!

Spear Heads Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The classic round solitaire is a sight to behold. You don’t need a fancy design to make this ring everyone’s favourite. The six-prong setting dates back over a century and is well-known to keep the stone firmly at its place. If you’re looking for something to propose to your girlfriend, go ahead with this one. You can also change the gold shade to white and engrave a small message for her for no additional cost.

Two Tone Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Are you having a hard time choosing between white gold or rose gold for your engagement ring? How about both! This ring gives you the best of both worlds and a solitaire to seal the deal. The fancy shank gives an edge to the ring and plays a vital role in keeping the ring in the budget. You can also check out the customization section to see how the product looks in yellow gold and white gold before purchasing.

Bitter Rose Solitaire Diamond Ring

The influence of nature in jewellery is not a secret. The impact of flora and fauna has played a vital role in jewellery. Here’s one such piece for women who love adding flowers to their outfit. This eco-friendly solitaire ring is a must-have for the nature-loving soul. The two gold shades play an essential role in making the design the stellar piece it is.

Tulip Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

The perfect budget-friendly ring to pop the question to her. This sparkling piece is available at happy pricing without compromising on the designs. The dainty ring has caught enough eyeballs to make this ring one of the bestselling pieces of 2020. To top it off, you can customize it in your preferred gold shade for no additional cost. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Juliana Solitaire Diamond Ring

Do you have a thing for vintage solitaires? Ah, we knew it! Juliana is our favourite vintage solitaire from our catalogue. The 0.40carat solitaire at the centre shines to full glory while the melee diamonds on the shank add to its beauty. You can buy yours in 18K or 14K and choose a diamond purity as per your preference.

Palcheen Solitaire Diamond Ring

Were you expecting us to finish the list without mentioning a classic solitaire? Of course not! The simplicity of this ring has grabbed the attention it deserves. The grandeur and magnificence of the 0.70carat solitaire make this the ideal ring for engagement. 

Make sure to learn about solitaires before making a purchase. You can also request for designing your solitaire ring with us and getting made as you wish. You can also browse 200+ solitaire ring designs at Candere.

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