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Question : I have big / chubby / fat fingers. What are the best engagement rings for larger hands?

Whether you’re looking for big diamond rings, big engagement rings or wedding rings, we have plenty of help. In addition, we have many examples of ring styles perfect for bigger hands.

A client recently came to see us. She was in need of help. After trying on countless engagement rings, she found that not a single ring suited the size and shape of her hand. As a result, she was now desperate to find a big diamond engagement ring to suit.

Some ring styles suit a hand and finger size better than others. Also, the size of your diamond affects the overall look of the ring. For example, a 4mm 0.25cts diamond appears proportionally smaller on a large hand.

We created a dedicated section for engagement ring styles that are suitable for larger hands. Within this part of our shop, we have style suggestions for big diamond rings suitable for large hand or finger sizes.

The Berlin ring design, shown with a 1 carat diamond. Berlin features a substantial band, perfect for a large diamond or gemstone. 

Big hands deserve big diamond rings

It’s not rocket science to appreciate a large diamond suits a large hand. Unfortunately, big diamond rings fall outside many people’s price range. For this reason, we decided to make some suggestions for anyone looking for big single diamond engagement ring.

1. Choose a large gemstone instead of a diamond

Consider a large gemstone instead of a diamond. We create big engagement rings set with coloured gemstones. Moreover, many work out more affordable than a diamond. For example, a 1 carat sized Aquamarine will create the same striking show for a fraction of the cost of a 1 carat diamond ring.

What is the smallest diamond suitable for big hands?

The smallest diamond sizes we recommend are 0.60 – 0.70cts. Measuring 5.5 – 5.6mm in diameter, the diamond will not be lost. At the same time, it will not look too large either.

One carat diamonds or larger work very well, but your budget may not allow the luxury of a one carat single stone ring. If you’re fortunate to be looking for big diamond rings, the sheer size of a 2 carat diamond will look significant on the largest of hands.

2 carat emerald cut and 2 carat princess cut photographed alongside each other

Showing the impressive size of a 2 carat princess cut diamond, held alongside an emerald cut diamond. 

2. Get the look of a big engagement ring with an illusion cluster engagement ring

If the one carat single stone ring is out of the question, consider spreading the carat weight across many diamonds.

They provide the appearance of a single diamond. Up-close, the cluster arrangement of diamonds can be seen. In addition to increased size, there is a reduced cost. A carat of smaller diamonds costs far less than a carat within one diamond.

Illusion of a halo ring by the Starla cluster design. One of our affordable big diamond rings.

The Starla engagement ring design gives the effect of a much larger diamond.

Daisy 7 stone diamond cluster engagement ring

The ‘Daisy’ engagement ring looks incredible with a cluster of diamonds shown here with a total carat weight of 1.25cts. 

3. Choose a large replica diamond

Diamonds are by far the most durable gemstone. However, it is possible to commission a large 2 or 3 carat engagement ring close to the cost of just the engagement ring setting. In addition to natural diamonds, we work with 100% realistic Swarovski Zirconia to create the effect of an enormous ring in any precious metal.

Lila one of our solitaire styles

Platinum engagement ring set with 3 carat equivalent Swarovski Zirconia. 

On a cautionary note, we would warn anyone considering this option about durability. Over time, a Swarovski Crystal will wear. As a result, it may need replacing, but at a fraction of the cost of diamond, this could be a solution for some.

4. Increase size by choosing a Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings feature a ring of diamonds around the main stone. The centre diamond sits within an inner ring of outer diamonds. As a result, there is a sizeable appearance to most halo engagement rings. Choose double shoulders for greater breadth. Enhance size further by choosing an alternative central gemstone. Furthermore, this adds contrast against white diamonds.

Pale blue sapphire and diamond vintage engagement ring Gatsby

Wider shoulders work well – double shoulders reverse tapered with a larger gemstone for a substantial effect. 

Large gemstones surrounded by diamonds work very well for engagement rings

We created this bespoke diamond engagement ring with a Fire Opal, surrounded by a halo of small brilliant cut diamonds. The perfect example of cocktail rings!

5. Consider a wide band for big engagement rings

Wider shoulders work better with large fingers. Wide engagement rings are not easy to find, but we have a few very nice suggestions. If you don’t like the look of wide shoulders, consider split shoulders. Some designs fork. They provide a wider design across a double shoulder.

Flow, works wonderfully well on larger hands. Set with 0.60cts of diamonds, the ring appears broad without looking too ‘chunky’.

View flow on our website shown with a specially made shaped wedding ring

Flow 2 stone diamond engagement ring shown in ethical Fairtrade Gold

Wide ornate diamond shoulder engagement ring

6. Choose a simple setting with forked shoulders

There are so many simple settings available. Furthermore, many feature split shoulders to give a broader look. Choose a gemstone and ramp up the size. Perfect for a bigger finger. We provide most types of gemstone, from popular to rare. The example below features a rare colour-changing Purple Spinel. This one-of-a-kind gemstone we sourced for a local client visiting our showroom.

Purple Spinel Engagement Ring in Platinum.

7. Choose Diamond Bubble Rings as engagement rings

Diamond bubble rings (sometimes referred to as Raindance styled rings) scatter diamonds across multiple bands. Ideal for big hands, there are several styles, ranging in size from designs below 1 carat to large design. For example, our Carnegie diamond bubble ring is set with a whopping 3 carats of diamonds.

Waverly diamond bubble ring set with just under 1 carat of diamonds. 

8. Choose a coloured gemstone instead of a diamond

Choose an affordable coloured gemstone instead of a diamond. As a result, get a big show at an affordable price. By doing this, we help many clients find the perfect engagement ring. Furthermore, we offer Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold for any ring design. In addition, we work with ethical Fairtrade Gold.

Aquamarine ring in Platinum

Big Aquamarine ring set into Platinum

Big Diamond Wedding Rings

In addition to big engagement rings, we create big diamond wedding rings for men and women. For men, we make diamond wedding rings set into wide bands. We make many in large plus sized finger sizes. As an example, size Z+1 and larger.

For women, we make most big diamond wedding rings in large finger sizes. For instance, finger size Q upwards. In addition, we make wedding rings with big diamonds.

One of our big diamond wedding rings for men.

Remember, the larger the diamonds, the thicker the ring. For this reason, smaller diamonds give more comfort. Also, remember cost. A big diamond wedding ring with a thick band is more expensive due to the weight of the Gold or Platinum.

Diamond Bubble Rings

Finally, our best seller from our big diamond rings comes from our diamond bubble ring collection. 

The Bowery ring features 2 carats of brilliant cut diamonds. The diamonds are arranged over a triple band. In detail, we create each ring in three separate section. As a result, the ring benefits from a perfect finish once assembled.

Bowery,  with over 2 carats of diamonds.

Bowery is a perfect example of a large diamond ring suitable for larger hands. It features an impressive show of 2 carats of diamonds. 

Getting further advice on big engagement rings

In summary, please get in touch if you need help with big engagement rings. We create most of our designs with big stone sizes. In addition, we make most designs in plus finger sizes.

We provide full help and support for anyone looking for an engagement ring or big diamonds wedding rings. Book an appointment to visit us in our Ryde showroom, or chat to us.

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