30+ New Jewellery Designs Added To Forever Love Collection


As you gear up to spend one of the most important days of the year with your boo, we encourage you to add a small jewellery gift to it. Gifts add so much more to a special day and become a memento of the times shared together. We have added numerous jewellery designs to our Forever Love Collection and we’re here to give you a quick tour of the same.

New jewellery designs to look out for this Valentine’s Day:


The new bracelet jewellery designs added start at only Rs. 9900 (approx). As the price suggests, these designs are super lightweight and meant to be worn daily. This includes diamond jewellery as well as gold jewellery at this price point. Some of the designs also have the ceramic finish that adds the intense red shade to your gift.


The season of love is here and we can’t keep calm. Starting at Rs. 6600 (approx), these rings are adorned with little hearts that make them the perfect fit for the gift this Valentine’s day. As you can see, all these designs are in the rose gold shade by default. However, you can also customize it to yellow gold or white gold but we recommend you to go with the default this default shade.


Earring jewellery designs include a variety of options to pick from – stud earrings, dangle earrings and hoop earrings. They start as low as Rs. 6600 (approx.). One of our favourite pieces is Dew Drop Gold Earrings. At this price, you get two designs i.e. wear just the heart or with the golden loop – both look super cute. There are also a couple of diamond jewellery designs that deserve your attention as well.


The pendants also start at a fairly affordable price point of Rs. 8400 (approx). At this range, we’ve introduced numerous pendant jewellery designs that you can gift to your girlfriend. It also includes Starlet Heart diamond pendant – a three-piece pendant, earrings and bracelet set. You can also consider gifting her the entire set at only 20k (approx).


We’ve added a variety of necklaces this Valentine’s day to our Forever Love Collection. From dainty jewellery designs to heavy ones, this lot has it all. Some of the lightweight ones include Meadow Hearts Gold Necklace, Triple Hearts Diamond Necklace, etc. You can also go for a unique piece like Luminous Hearts Gold Necklace that your fashionista girlfriend would love.

We have ensured that all the jewellery design added to the collection are suitable for daily wear. They are suitable for work yet have that adorable love element, thus making it a perfect gift.

Didn’t like anything that you saw? Check out all the jewellery design of Forever Love collection. It has 220+ diamond jewellery and gold jewellery designs that just fit the occasion perfectly. 

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