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What is an engagement ring quiz? 

Put together by online retailers. Engagement ring quizzes seem to be very popular. Designed to find an individuals sense of style initially. And therefore recommending different engagement rings based on multi-choice answers.  

Contrary to the reason, we have put our own engagement ring quiz together. Designed to either be answered on an individual basis. Or on behalf of a partner that is trying to visualise their partners’ style. 

Finding “The one.” 

Traditionally, the man would shop alone for an engagement ring without their partner knowing. However, this has changed over the years. We now find more and more couples selecting the engagement ring design together. Although we offer an exchange service within 60 days from receiving the ring when purchasing an engagement ring online. Choosing the ring together is an enjoyable activity where both have opinions and preferences on different options. 

Where to Start?

With so many different options available in finding the perfect engagement ring, it can be a head-scratcher! We have a range of designs to choose from, from Solitaire Designs to Halo Designs. The best place to start is always with the centre diamond. Selecting the shape of the diamond then narrows down the style options available.

Diamond shapes

How to take the engagement ring quiz

Our quiz is featured below. By clicking on the “Engagement ring quiz” banner, it starts the quiz. Featuring a total of 10 multiple answer questions to help you find the perfect engagement ring. We are on hand daily to answer any questions you may have on ring styles. And offer any guidance on finding the perfect ring style.

Engagement Ring Quiz

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