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World Heritage Day or International Day For Monuments and Sites is celebrated every year on 18th April. Our cultural heritage is promoted via events and activities hosted by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). 

Celebrating World Heritage Day is a fairly new tradition and started in 1982. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO) selects World Heritage Sites as those areas which have cultural, historical and scientific significance. Across the globe, there’s a sum total of 1121 sites – 869 are cultural, 213 are natural and 39 are a mixture.

The theme for World Heritage Day 2021 is Shared Culture, Shared Heritage and Shared Responsibility.

What is heritage jewellery?

Heritage jewellery is the jewellery that reflects our rich heritage. Our heritage jewellery is temples jewellery that is inspired by motifs and designs found in the ancient temples of South India. 

Nimah Collection is a part of Muhurat Wedding Collection by Kalyan Jewellers. Let’s check out some of the top designs from the collection:

Rebha Nimah Gold Necklace

A necklace that adds to your look without weighing you down – Rebha!

This necklace has a lustrous yellow gold glow coupled with bright red gemstones that have grabbed so many hearts. The charm of this necklace lies in its simplicity. The Rebha Nimah Gold Earrings is the perfect complimentary piece to this necklace, make sure you check it out.

Yashashree Nimah Gold Necklace


Slay the larger than life vibe with Yashashree.

The heart of the necklace is the Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a fully bloomed lotus. Crafted in 22K yellow gold and adorned with red kemp gemstone, there’s a distinct antique finish that gives it a stunning look. You will also find the matching pair of earrings to complete your look below the product. 

Sarpari Nimah Gold Jhumka


How can we talk about traditional Indian jewellery and not talk about jhumkas? 

Jhumkas have been an important part of ethnic jewellery and we can’t stop but fall in love with them every time. Sarpari sports this colourful look with three gemstones of distinct colours. The design boasts a nature-inspired theme – something that refuses to go out of style for ages!

Chayla Nimah Gold Earrings


Chyla Nimah Gold Earrings are these enormous studs that act as the ideal statement earrings for you. The design uses multiple motifs like leaves, flowers, shankh and more. It’s also embellished with gemstones and comes with an antique finish. The matching necklace has an equally interesting design with numerous motifs and funky geometric designs on the chain. This is a stellar duo!

Karabi Nimah Gold Bangle


A gold old gold bangle that will effortlessly complement you with anything ethnic you wish to adorn for the day. The versatile design makes a great gift, especially for the clueless gifters (read husband). You can order a pair of these and we assure you that this year’s anniversary gift is taken care of!

Aamani Nimah Gold Bangle


There’s nothing fancier than an intricate gold bangle. The fine detailing draws all the attention it deserves. The jaal look is adorned with bold flowers and colourful gemstones. The minimal gemstone keeps the design from getting monotonous without taking away the focus from fine craftsmanship. These would also make a great hand-me-down for your daughter, just saying!

Those were some of our favourite pieces. Nimah collection houses 130 designs waiting to be explored. All the designs are available at 55% OFF on making charges with coupon code SPRING.

Happy Shopping!

Note: Give all these designs a quick Virtual try before you buy!

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