30 Reasons Why We Love Diamonds


The birthstone for the month of April is DIAMONDS!

Yeah, you read that right!

Every month is allotted a birthstone. For instance, the most loved Blue Sapphire is the birthstone for September borns.

Seeing this as just another occasion to talk about diamonds, here are our most loved top 30 designs – 

Tifny Diamond Engagement Ring

What’s better than one ring? Three rings!

Tifny has been a favourite ever since it was launched. The three stackable rings come together to form this stunning engagement ring that everyone has fallen in love with at first glance. Available in three gold shades, rose gold is the most popular choice amongst buyers!

Alena Solitaire Ring

diamond jewellery designs

Your aching desire to own a solitaire ring ends with Alena.

Crafted to meet your office wear guidelines, this ring adds the right amount of sheen to your workwear look. Your hand would be perfectly accessorized with this dainty yet stunning piece of jewellery.

Chained Desires Diamond Ring

diamond jewellery designs

Once in a while, we need a design that’s so different from other designs yet fits into our everyday look just as fine. Chained Desires sports a fun criss-cross design that’s so easy to fall in love with – this diamond jewellery is something you will cherish for years to come and would happily pass on to your favourite niece.

Five Stone Diamond Ring

diamond jewellery designs

As the name suggests, Five Stone portrays five diamonds placed gracefully on Miracle Plates to form a statement piece on a budget. Priced at only Rs. 15,828 only, this ring has found many suitors ever since its launch. Customize the ring in your preferred shade of gold and diamonds before making a purchase.

Cutie Pie Diamond Ring

diamond jewellery designs

The name justifies this ring – doesn’t it? This is one of the best gifts that you can get without burning a hole in your pocket. It strikes the perfect balance between shimmering gold and sparkling diamonds to form the ideal daily wear diamond jewellery. You can also stack it up with Lovie Dovie Gold Ring and For My Lady Gold Ring to form Love Muffin Diamond Ring. Check the matching products to unveil these designs.

Thomas Diamond Stud For Men

diamond jewellery designs

Super light and super sparkly – that’s what this stud is all about.

Designed exclusively for the man who loves to accessorize not only on special occasions but on a daily basis. This one fits right into the guidelines given by your HR and brings so much fun to your mundane outfit. To top it off, even this one’s priced at a super affordable price.

Four Club Diamond Earrings

diamond jewellery designs

We have an elite collection of office wear diamond jewellery designs and Four Club is one of them. From Indian wear to westerwear, just put these on and you’re sorted for work. They can also be worn for a small friend’s get together after work. Priced at only Rs. 18,504, you can get this pair at a special discount of 35% OFF on diamond pricing.

No Fuss Diamond Earrings

diamond jewellery designs

How can we talk about our love for diamond jewellery and not talk about hoops! We’re obsessed with hoop earrings and you should be too. The contrasting design makes this a great choice for workwear and don’t forget to check out the 24 different customization options for no extra charges. 

Needle Diamond Sui Dhaga

diamond jewellery designs

The sui dhaga earring concept has baffled us as always. The earring looks so stylish and feels extremely light on the ears too. You can style them with literally anything in your wardrobe. They personify less is more! If you also love them as much as we do, you’ll be happy to know that we have more than a few dozen of these. https://www.candere.com/m/sui-dhaga-earrings

Glorious Traditional Jhumka

diamond jewellery designs

Indian women have a very special and unique bond with jhumkas. This diamond jhumka is your traditional bold jhumkas embellished with sparkling diamonds. It looks stylish yet feels light on your ears. This pair can be the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, etc.

Little Jumko Kids Diamond Earrings

diamond jewellery designs

Looking for something for your little one? We bet these will match her cuteness. Each piece of earring weighs only 1.45gm (approx.) and can be worn on a daily basis. Go ahead and order yours in yellow, white or rose gold shade.

Did you know that we have a Kids collection too? Our kid’s collection has 140+ designs for your munchkin.

Queenie Diamond Pendant

diamond jewellery designs

A simple fun design to upgrade your everyday look with something that your office approves. This monotone design embellished with six sparkling diamonds arranged to look like three leaves makes quite a pretty accessory to adorn yourself with on a daily basis. If you loved this one, make sure to check the matching earring too.

Pledge Diamond Pendant

diamond jewellery designs

Let us tell you something – there’s nothing as too much sparkle. This embellished little pendant in rose gold is the ideal choice for the one who doesn’t shy away from accessorizing. The rose gold metal balances the sparkle of the diamonds aptly to be worn on a daily wear basis.

Floral Petals Diamond Pendant

diamond jewellery designs

Here’s another one of our bestselling diamond pendants – Floral Petals. This design is a part of our Miracle Plate Collection that is one of the most popular collections at Candere. Best suited for daily wear purposes, this diamond jewellery design has been bought over and over again for gifting purposes. You can also buy the matching ring and earrings and gift her the complete set too.

Crab Apple Diamond Pendant

diamond jewellery designs

We bet your baby girl will look as cute as a button in this diamond pendant. The matte finish complements the sparkling diamonds quintessentially. She can wear it every day or on special occasions. The default gold shade is rose gold but you can also get this one in yellow gold or white gold too.

Dazzle Diamond Pendant

diamond jewellery designs

What looks like a simple diamond pendant is actually 2-in-1. The centre part of the design comes off and can be worn as a pendant too – how cool is that? At the given price point, this detachable pendant offers way more than what you pay for. Don’t think twice, go ahead and get it for her.

Izarra Diamond Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

We can’t get enough of these flexi bracelets. The eased fit of the shank makes it super easy to wear, especially if you wish to stack it up for a heavier look. For formal events, this little beauty is enough to accessorize you up. Sport the big diamond look at a budget-friendly look with the illusion design – an ideal choice for gifting purposes.

Box Diamond Tennis Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

If you love wrist jewellery, we’re sure you are a big fan of tennis bracelets. The sleek sparkling design is formal yet so fun to wear. The Miracle Plates have reduced the pricing of the jewellery significantly without compromising on the breathtaking design. This is the perfect choice of gift for the boss lady – go ahead and order it without a second thought.

True Love Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

We’re upgrading from the traditional mangalsutra necklaces to these trendy mangalsutra bracelets and we’re loving it. They’re the right mix of old and new and go with anything in your wardrobe. This one right here can be customized with your initials. Go ahead and add this daily wear diamond jewellery design to your cart.

Frostie Diamond Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

A dainty bracelet for everyday wear – Frostie.

This piece was added to our catalogue just a year back but has gained enormous popularity in this time slot. The versatile design has won more hearts than we had ever imagined. Besides Rose Gold, this piece is also available in Yellow Gold and White Gold. You can let the shopaholic in you loose with this one.

Letters Of Joy Diamond Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

What should we order – a bracelet or a pendant? How about both!

This is one of a kind jewellery that has received as much acceptance as we had anticipated. The dual functionality has been received well and is certainly one of our favourite diamond jewellery designs. Customize this piece in Yellow gold or White Gold for a monotone look or go with the multi-hued look in Rose Gold.

Freya Diamond Necklace

diamond jewellery designs

This right here is your next anniversary gift. 

Freya sports this evergreen nature-inspired design crafted in yellow gold and embellished with sparkling diamonds that make it a classic. Pair it up with the matching earrings and you’re good to go. 

Pssst… the earring is also one of our bestselling designs!

Ashlie Diamond Necklace

diamond jewellery designs

Infinity is one of the classic symbols of love. It’s gifted to lovers, especially by those who don’t wish to gift hearts or find it tacky. The chain is part of the jewellery so you don’t need to purchase that separately. This piece is available in exclusively 18K Yellow Gold.

Valerie Diamond Necklace

diamond jewellery designs

A bold piece at a happy price – Valerie!

This huge golden flower is available at budget-friendly pricing and is a stunning gift for her. Even though it looks so huge, it’s fairly lightweight and easy to style. We’re sure she’ll love this gorgeous yellow gold pendant that also comes with a chain.

Desert Rose Diamond Necklace

diamond jewellery designs

Oh My God! How stunning will this look with an evening gown!

This jaw-dropping design is all you need to make a perfect anniversary gift. The floral theme in jewellery is something loved by all women and we can guarantee that she will certainly love this one. The yellow gold, diamond and gemstones together make quite a lucrative package. Go get it!

Cherilyn Diamond Necklace

diamond jewellery designs

How could we talk about our love for jewellery and not talk about pearls? This classic is a #MustHave is every woman’s wardrobe, especially when it’s adorned with a glistening diamond. It comes with a chain of 18inches length in 18K yellow gold only. 

Aloha Diamond Kada

diamond jewellery designs

Looking for wrist jewellery that’s more formal than a dainty bracelet. Go for kadas! 

We have 100+ kadas like Aloha. This one sports a funky shank design that we bet you won’t grow out of easily. Don’t miss out on the dancing diamond at the heart of the kada.

Delia Diamond Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

Here’s a birthday gift we bet she would love. The fancy shank with a dancing diamond does grab your attention, doesn’t it? 

We know how strict office dress codes can be and this one ensures you’re not catching the wrong gaze. It’s minimal yet so fancy… an ideal choice for the working woman!

Jacqueline Diamond Bangle

diamond jewellery designs

There’s no such thing as too blingy. Right ladies?

This diamond overloaded kada can be your next statement buy. Diamonds, as you know, complements both ethnic as well as Indian wear. Customise your one in white or yellow gold for no extra charges.

Kalamkari Diamond Kada

diamond jewellery designs

A refreshing design for the accessory lover – Kalamkari!

The hollow leaves give a bold appearance without adding to the weight of the bangle while the two white pearls and a handful of diamonds are the icing to the cake. You can style this kada with a range of outfits effortlessly.

Lumina Diamond Bracelet

diamond jewellery designs

Get your basics sorted with Lumina. Finish your outfit with this stunning piece of diamond jewellery and you’re good to go. The dancing diamond at the heart of this bracelet is quite mesmerising and draws all the eyeballs for the good. Choose yours from three shades – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

These diamond jewellery designs have received the most love and have often made to the Bestselling collection. 

Featured Image Credits: CEWE Photoworld

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