10 Reasons for Choosing a Rose Gold Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring


Why are Rose Gold engagement rings and Rose Gold wedding rings more popular than ever before?

Rose gold engagement ring created entirely in rose gold with a four claw twist

The trend for increased demand for Rose Gold.

This year, demand for Rose Gold engagement rings and wedding rings has soared. Moreover, we have completed more commissions in this metal choice than ever before. Sometimes called Pink Gold or Red Gold, Rose Gold makes a wonderful choice for diamond jewellery.

Rose gold engagement ring Atlantis set with a Marquise cut diamond

Atlantis reveals a floating Marquise cut diamond held in a tension setting in Rose Gold

In addition, we stock other more affordable jewellery styles in our showroom, also made in Rose Gold.

Apart from diamonds, what gemstones suit Rose Gold?

Besides diamonds, certain gemstones work well with diamonds. Even better, a gemstone and diamond combination often works very well. For example, pink Sapphires. The warm, pink hue of the precious metal complement the feminine shades of pink. By way of example, look at how both gemstones work within the Calista ring design.

Calista ring shown with pink and white diamonds, made in white and rose gold

The Calista ring design, shown here in white and Rose Gold with pink Sapphire alternating with white diamonds. 

18 carat Rose Gold vs 9 carat Rose Gold

Compare 9 carat and 18 carat Rose Gold and you will no doubt see a difference in colour. 9 carat Rose Gold tends to be darker and more coppery by comparison. The higher Gold content of 18 carat gives it a lighter colour. For this reason, we recommend 18 carat Rose Gold. In addition, the higher Gold content makes it a more durable choice for long-term wear.

Nyla diamond solitaire engagement ring in rose gold

Nyla diamond solitaire engagement ring shown in rose gold. 

Rose Gold vs Yellow Gold

Both Rose and Yellow Gold make popular metal choices. The popularity of Yellow Gold has increased alongside Rose Gold.

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Elvish wedding rings

18ct Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Elvish wedding rings

What does 18 carat Rose Gold look like?

18ct Rose Gold has a beautiful coppery look to the metal. A warm pink hue that is unique amongst the many metal alloys. Rose Gold provides the warmest colour of any precious metal.

What gives Rose Gold its colour?

The composition of rose gold can vary from one alloy to another, but our own rose gold alloy contains the following materials.

Gold – 75%

Copper – 21%

Silver – 4%

10 Reasons to choose rose gold

There are quite a few reasons why rose gold. the following are just a few reasons why you might consider this beautiful metal option.

1. Rose Gold makes a beautiful alternative to White Gold and Platinum

Many of our Rose Gold jewellery designs come from our bespoke design service. It makes a popular choice for bespoke jewellery designs. Since many jewellery chains opt for a standard White Gold for their window, Rose Gold stands apart. For this reason, the choice lends itself to alternative jewellery styles.

2. Rose Gold adds warmth in colour

The natural pink colour of the Copper makes this choice the warmest of all of the precious metal alloys.

Engraved bespoke rose gold engagement ring

Bespoke ring design, engraved within the band. Designed and crafted by our team at Serendipity Diamonds

3. Copper hues suit white or brown diamonds

Choose Rose Gold to complement both white or brown diamonds. Chocolate brown diamonds make excellent gemstones better suited to Rose than to White Gold.

Rose gold engagement ring set with a chocolate diamond

Bespoke Rose Gold chocolate coloured diamond engagement ring made through our bespoke ring design service. 

4. Rose Gold mixes well with all Gold colours

Add rose gold to a white gold wedding ring, and possibly a matching yellow gold eternity rings and the colours just work so well together.

Tri-colour combinations of metal have been used for many types of jewellery from wedding rings to diamond earrings.

The video clip below shows our stacking Clover ring set made in three colours. 

We regularly make jewellery with two or three precious metals in one item. Alternative choices include stacking rings in all three colours to create a set.

5. Rose Gold can be mounted with a Platinum setting

This metal choice can be combined with a platinum setting with ease, or with a white gold setting.

6. It’s less expensive than White Gold but has a high intrinsic value

With the soaring price of Gold, Rose Gold continues to rise in price. As a result, this metal choice holds its intrinsic value.

7. Rose Gold makes a modern metal choice

Current fashion trends project Rose Gold metals to new heights. From accessories to high-end jewellery. As a result, many buyers choose it for cutting-edge contemporary jewellery designs.

Rose Gold Raindrop Ring

Raindrop ring shown here in 18ct Rose Gold

In addition to engagement rings and wedding rings, other ring designs make modern style choices. For example, Rose Gold Signet Rings in smaller ladies sizes. We create many of our Signet Rings as petite designs, plain or customised. 

Solid Rose Gold Ladies Signet Ring

8. It suits vintage engagement ring styles

Rose gold has a perfect application to compliment Vintage styles of engagement ring combining well with antique styling and vintage details. In addition, Vintage wedding rings styled in Rose Gold appear throughout our collection.

Rose Gold engagement ring and diamond wedding ring set

9. Ethical Rose Gold exists

We create many of our engagement rings and wedding rings in 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold. In addition to Fairtrade White and Yellow Gold, we now offer 100% ethical Fairtrade Rose Gold engagement and wedding rings. Please contact us if you cannot see this option on our product pages.

10. The addition of a Rose Gold wedding ring creates a fabulous ring set

We all know that pink is regarded as a feminine colour. The warmth of the pink coppery tones in rose gold makes this a very feminine choice. But, at the same time, it suits men’s wedding rings. In addition, the unique effect of a personalised engraving adds personality. For example, fingerprints applied around wedding rings made from Rose Gold.

Alternative men’s Rose Gold wedding rings feature an accent of precious metal on a white canvas of Gold. For example, here we see an inlaid Gold strip added to the ring.

Mens wedding ring inlaid with rose gold

Men’s wedding ring featuring inlaid Rose Gold. The darker colour of 9 carat Rose Gold adds contrast to the White Gold band. 

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